Online sports registrations

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Club and school free online sports registrations

Create a free online sports registration to streamline club membership.

  •   Reduce your sports registration administration work
  •   Free (ad supported); low cost solutions available
  •   Customisable forms
  •   Are volunteers required? How can the volunteers help?
  •   Bar-coded registration forms.
  •   Easy allocation of participants to teams.
  •   Team registrations.
  •   Cancellation of registrations.
  •   Financial control of receipts and payments.
  •   Downloadable reports.
  •   Provides for registration by guardians on behalf children.
  •   Full integration into the Sports noticeboard.

   Create online sports registration   

Full intergration into the Sports Noticeboard

The online sports registration process will allow you to capture all the new members. From here you will then be able to :
  •   Allocate them into age groups or divisions
  •   Place them into teams
  •   Use the team management for games and training
  •   Allow for communication with the club via the sports noticeboard email system
  •   And much more
This allows for full sports management of your club or school.

Simple online registration form


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